Grammar Apps and Mobile Learning: Convenient Ways to Brush Up on Grammar Skills

grammar apps

Navigating the complexities of grammar is a pivotal step in language acquisition, which can often be overwhelming when tackled solo. Nevertheless, the advent of innovative language apps and engaging linguistic games has significantly simplified the quest to grasp grammar. No matter if you’re tiptoeing into the basics or progressing towards more advanced nuances, an abundance of digital resources stands ready to aid your learning process. We’re about to venture into an insightful rundown of top-tier best apps to learn grammar.

Best Apps That Will Help Learn English Grammar Online

1. LearnEnglish Grammar

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your English skills, the British Council offers a superb avenue for linguistic mastery with its comprehensive grammar app. Catered to speakers of all stages, this app encompasses an impressive gamut of 25 vital grammar topics, complemented by 600 engaging interactive activities, and an extensive range of questions—be it fill-in-the-blanks, multiple-choice, or word matching exercises.

No matter your proficiency level, there’s a spot for you to jump in. The app’s curriculum spans across four distinct levels of competency: Beginner (aligned with the CEFR level A1), Elementary, Intermediate, and right up to Advanced (matching the CEFR level C2). Accessibility is key here, as the app is free and ad-supported, but if you prefer an uninterrupted learning experience, a modest fee of $1.99 will lift the adverts and pave the way for seamless study sessions.

2. Duolingo

Duolingo stands out as a premier app for language enthusiasts, providing an assortment of exercises to master grammar. Users are drawn into a world of interactive quizzes and enticing challenges which make honing one’s grammar skills a captivating experience. Catering to polyglots and single language learners alike, Duolingo is the quintessential tool for amplifying your linguistic abilities across numerous languages.

If you want to brush up on grammar skills, you can use the Duolingo website or others on the list. But there is one caveat. You may have to bypass website blocks as the trend towards geo-blocking is strong right now. How to unblock a website? To do this, you will need a VPN, one of the most convenient and powerful – VeePN. Just connect to a server in a different region and you can unblock any website.

3. Grammaropolis

Grammar learning becomes an adventure with our interactive platform designed for young enthusiasts, starting from the age of eight. Engage with an array of educational materials including quizzes, songs, literature, gameplay, and videos to master the complexities of English grammar.

Accessibility is seamless with options for both web and iOS app utilization. A specialized iPad app brings punctuation practice into a playful experience. Start your grammatical exploration at no cost, and access a more extensive suite of learning tools through in-app purchases. While Grammaropolis is currently not available for Android devices, we’re working to expand our reach.

4. Grammarly

Famed for its desktop assistance in writing, Grammarly also extends its expertise to the mobile realm. With Grammarly’s keyboard application for both Android and iPhone users, you can enjoy real-time writing corrections as you go about your smartphone typing tasks. Although not a conventional English tutor app, Grammarly excels at pinpointing mishaps and suggesting superior alternatives.

Take, for example, how it broadens your word choice with its synonym suggestions — an educational feature that could accelerate your English language learning in this era of heavy mobile communication. To harness Grammarly’s full potential as a mobile grammar sentinel, be sure to have an uninterrupted internet connection.
Advice! When you use apps or web sites, even to learn grammar, you shouldn’t forget about security. At a minimum, you should install a VPN, you can click here now and get an extension for Edge. It can protect your data, improve your privacy, and provide anonymity.

5. GramMars Wars

Cultivate a squad of friendly beasts and harness the might of grammar to vanquish nefarious extraterrestrials. Embark on an educational odyssey, gaining new abilities for your arsenal as you expand your knowledge. Regular trials will gauge your evolving expertise.

The application boasts a comprehensive suite of over 100 subjects, complete with examinations suited for learners at every stage, covering a breadth of topics from modal verbs and passive constructions to relative pronouns—and beyond!

6. Lingualeo

Looking to level up your English skills from the comfort of your home? Already a hit in Russia, Brazil, Portugal, Poland, and Turkey, this vibrant platform brings the thrill of gaming to the educational sphere.
Immerse yourself in a world where language education meets fun with a diverse range of activities—tackle over 12 distinct vocabulary courses, tackle challenging grammar workouts, and explore thematic modules. Craving a competitive edge? Join Lingualeo’s community battles and test your newfound knowledge against fellow learners.


While selecting the suitable application is an essential step, the real challenge lies in daily utilization and practice. A practical method for mastering the application involves actively incorporating newly acquired knowledge into your daily dialogues or written work. The abundance of learning tools renders English relatively straightforward to pick up; however, consistent practice is the definitive path to achieving fluency.