Comparative Adjectives – List of Comparative Adjective Examples

Comparative adjectives are second-degree adjectives that are used to make a comparison between two or more things. We use comparative adjectives to show that one person or thing shows a higher degree of quality than the other.

Stella is cooler than Jasmine. 
My room is messier than yours. 
My pet is more mischievous. 

Comparative adjectives are formed by adding a suffix to the Affirmative Adjective. They are also known as Second Degree Adjectives. 
The regular adjectives can be transformed into a comparative degree by adding a suffix -er or -ier, or by adding the word more or less behind them. 
To be more specific, one-syllable or monosyllable adjectives can be transformed into comparative form by adding the suffix –er. If the adjective is ending with the letter “y”, then the ending letter is replaced with i, and er is added.

Clear – Clearer
Cool – Cooler 
Warm – Warmer

Two-Syllable Adjectives follow the same process.  

Ugly – Uglier 
Narrow – Narrower 
Happy – Happier 

Adjectives that have more than two syllables can be changed into comparative form by adding a word more or less. 

Acceptable – More Acceptable
Beautiful – More Beautiful

There are a few exceptions to this rule that are known as irregular adjectives. 

Good – Better
Bad – Worse

List of Comparative Adjectives

Affirmative Comparative
Bold Bolder
Big Bigger
Bright Brighter
Calm Calmer
Clumsy Clumsier
cheap cheaper
clear clearer
Deadly Deadlier
Dusty Dustier
Dim Dimmer
Dull Duller
Fast Faster
Fat Fatter
Fancy Fancier
funny funnier
Fit Fitter
Flat Flatter
gentle gentler
Guilty Guiltier
Gross Grosser
heavy heavier
High Higher
hungry hungrier
Humble humbler
Happy Happier
Itchy Itchier
new newer
Large Larger
loud louder
Lonely Lonelier
Light Lighter
Mad Madder
Mean Meaner
Neat Neater
narrow narrower
Nasty Nastier
old older
rich richer
nice nicer
Odd Odder
Plain Plainer
Pretty Prettier
Quick Quicker
Risky Riskier
Rich Richer
Soft Softer
slow slower
Silly Sillier
Smoky Smokier
short shorter
Sad Sadder
tall taller
Tan Tanner
Tasty Tastier
thick thicker
Weak Weaker
Worthy Worthier
Wealthy Wealthier
wide wider
wise wiser
Young Younger